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Brake Service
If your brake pedal travels to the floor, feels soft or spongy, if you hear grinding / squealing or the brake pedal pulsates you need brake service.
Heating and A/C
Is your air conditioning compressor making noise? Does it not cool as well as it used to? Is the air conditioner flow in your car less efficient, are you noticing a refrigerant leak? Does your air conditioner cut out in the heat? If your heater is not working you may need a new blower motor, you may have a bad heat air box, or a bad heater valve.
Water Pumps
Your engine overheating may be a sign your water pump is going out, this could ruin your engine.
Timing Belts
Your timing belt should be replaced about every 60K miles, a broken timing belt will ruin your engine.
Tune Ups Tuning your car up on a regular basis will help the performance and efficiency of your car.
Auto repair so your car can successfully pass a smog check. Your car should be checked every 15,000 miles. We offer 30,000 45,000 and 60,000 mile tune ups and service including fluids ( including oil, transmission fluid, coolant, differential oil ), your serpentine and timing belt changed
Engine Diagnostics
Is your check engine light on? Is your car running sluggish, are you experiencing poor fuel mileage? If your car is hesitating, running rough or if you are experiencing a lack of power.Does your car just not run like it used to? In Clark county, Las Vegas, and Henderson your car will not pass smog with your check engine light on.

Transmission Replacement
Alternators & Starters
Clutch Repair & Replacement
Battery Replacement
If your car is hard to start, needs to be jump started, or is dead you may need an alternator, starter, or a battery replaced. Sometimes your battery and or battery terminals can simply be maintenanced
Fuel Pumps
If your car won’t start, runs rough or has a lack of power you may need a new fuel pump. Your fuel pump running effectively provides the proper fuel pressure and volume to the engine. You may also need to have the throttle body and fuel injectors cleaned.
Throttle Body Spacers / Cold Air Intake – Gives you more air flow into your engine, the added oxygen and cooler air increases your horsepower and give you better fuel economy.
Adding a premium exhaust system makes your car sound better, gives you less restriction which causes more horsepower.
Suspension Shocks & Struts
Engine Repair
Super Chargers
A super charger is bolt on horsepower. A super charger package would include cold air intake, bigger fuel injectors, and have the ECM flashed to increase horsepower.

Engine Repair

Super Chargers

Cold Air Intake

Throttle Body Spacers


Suspension Shocks & Struts
Las Vegas, Henderson, White Hills AZ, Bullhead City & Kingman

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