Camp Verde Diesel Service

Diesel service including DPF cleaning, regens, diesel fuel injection cleaning EGR & intake cleaning on all diesel makes and models. This cleans the intake and combustion chambers as well as the exhaust side of the turbo.
This is a machine based service where we hook up directly to your diesel. This prevents downtime of your personal ,fleet or commercial diesel vehicles and prevents costly DPF replacements. This service also increases diesel performance immensely, adds horsepower, and can help with gas mileage for your diesel.
There are certain driving situations where your diesel will not trigger a regeneration. If your diesel idles often of you do a lot of low speed driving you may need diesel service to clean the filter and force a regen. Completing the DPF diesel service on a regular basis will help it self clean better.
Diesel service includes us cleaning the emissions and air intake system, and triggers the self cleaning diesel regen system.

The diesel particulate filter collects large particles and soot so only filtered exhaust gas passes through. When the DPF level gets too high the diesel system triggers a regeneration (regen) to burn off the soot and particles. During a regen the built up soot is burned off by high temperatures.

We also work on gasoline engines, do roadside assistance and tire repair for all type of vehicles including tractor trailers, RVs, 5th wheels, horse and utility trailers and of COURSE diesels.

Call (855) 443-4948 for diesel service or diesel fuel injection flush to keep your MPG high and your engine strong. We provide diesel towing repair tire and roadside and maintenance.

If you are interested in more information about this diesel service, please see the equipment manufacturers site at BG. We feel this is an extremely valuable service especially with your Arizona weather, and the amount of hard working diesel vehicles in the central/northern Arizona area as we use our diesels for work and play towing, camping and 5th wheel hauling.

Diesel Repair
Diesel Repair
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Camp Verde
Diesel service repairs and maintenance in Central/Northern Arizona. DPFs, forced regens, towing and roadside assistance.