Towing & Roadside Assistance

King Truck Trailer & RV Repair & Towing in Camp Verde

Serving Camp Verde & surrounding areas.
All types of repairs, diesel, RV auto, towing & roadside assistance

Towing & Roadside Assistance

We keep many common parts and tires on hand and are often able to do your repair, tire change, jumpstart or pop a lock on site.

For more complicated repairs we offer a full range of computer diagnostics, engine repair, diesel cleaning DPF, and more.

RV repair and towing.
Fully loaded tractor and trailer towing.
Tractor only towing.

RV & Tractor Trailer Repair and Towing

Roadside Assistance
Towing, Recovery & Accident Cleanup
Mobile Mechanic Service
Tractor Trailer/Semi Repair
Fleet Repair
Hydraulic Hose Repair
Tractor Trailers, Autos, RV’s, Diesel Pushers, Buses, Cranes
Diesel Fuel Injection Service, DPF Cleaning & Regens
Forklifts, Liftgates & Doors
Heavy Duty Towing
Cranes, forklifts, CATs, bulldozer repair, backhoes, earth movers & all types of construction vehicles