Service Authorization

If you have been asked to email an authorization of service, please copy and paste the verbiage below into the body of an email, adding the requested information at the bottom and email to

I am authorizing King Auto Truck & Trailer (KATT) to perform repairs on my vehicle.
This authorization implies a contract between myself and KATT.
A repair may or may not include verbal estimates. An estimate is defined as “an approximate calculation”. 

Once repair is underway, or based on part availability it is possible the amount may change.
We do our best to inform necessary parties of any changes and additional costs involved. However, due to some repairs affecting safety or proper function of the vehicle, the nature of many of our repairs being time sensitive and off business hours where management may not be available, necessary repairs may sometimes rarely be made at the discretion of the mechanic.

By using our services you agree any litigation arising from repairs gives KATT choice of state, law, and venue and you agree if judgement is found in KATTs favor you will pay all court fees for in or out of state division.
Paying by credit card and then disputing through the credit card company to circumvent this agreement will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law, and any vehicle in dispute will be liened and the disputing party will be sent to collections.
By authorizing any repairs you agree you have read and understand the above.

To authorize repair please reply by stating below:

I, (       NAME       ) authorize King Auto Truck & Trailer to perform repairs on this day (    DATE     ) and my business name for billing purposes (if different from name above) is (     BUSINESS NAME   ) and my email to send all billing and correspondence to is (      EMAIL    )